Why sell quickly if the general market is about to crash

Why sell at all?

Selling and buying is part of our lives. That's how we get most things we have, as well as get rid of a few of them. Also, selling can be your job, either as an employee or as a sef-employed independent producer or agent. On an absolutely - and unrealistically - stable market, things will keep their value unless they are used or worn. Value exchange comes into place when a product is transformed, either by use or by time itself, as in the case of seasonal products or those with expiration dates. Managing value wisely is key for profit.

So why sell? Apart from the obvious reason - when it's a job - selling means gaining liquidity and putting your hands on money. This money you can use to buy somethng else. There are rare cases where the exchange of goods is performed, especially when we go beyond the small scale. Selling allows to buy. But it's not that simple.

As you know, the world of economics is unstable. Even in the UK, where the panorama is often quite balanced and there are no sudden changes all the time, events like Brexit have worried people and they've had an impact on our balances, prices of things, and the value of money itself. If we don't make our moves wisely, we might end up with a bad deal. We should sell things when they're at their highest value and purchase them at their lowest, this is the ideal of a good business. As all ideal things, this doesn't happen very often, but it constitutes the point of reference for a good deal.

Quick sales: good or bad?

Quick sales often respond to a need. When you want to close a deal faster you have to make more concesions, usually in the form of a lower price. In other words, from a monetary point of view, you lose money. So what do you gain instead, so the deal makes sense for you?

Sales are an example of selling quick, like end of season sales and special discounts. You might want to get rid of a stock of products in order to make room for the new season, or in case of private sales there might be goods that take up too much space or effort to mantain and you want them out as quck as possible.

However, in most scenarios quick sales respond to the need of money itself. You might be in a tight spot and need liquidity, so you lower prices or make limited time offers in order to attract buyers willing to purchase right away. 

So quick sales aren't either good or bad, they're just different. Less money, faster sale. Quick sales will be convenient or not depending on your interest or your needs. You might want to keep the item for a while longer in order to get a better price for it, or just sell cheaper so you close the deal as soon as possible.

Case on focus: quick property sales

It is interesting to take a closer look to a phenomenon that's been rising in popularity the last few years. The concept behind quick property sales isn't new, as it's stated above, lowering the price to sell something quickly is a thing. However, the market for quick property sales has been so active that there are even agents and companies dedicated to this sort of transaction. See http://www.silvertonhouse.co.uk for an example of this sort of firm.

Companies that buy houses quickly are often estate investors that buy to let or buy to sell, in this case they purchase under the market price and then sell for the market price. They can close a deal in a matter of days or weeks, which is faster than the usual estate sale that can last for years. In areas with top property sales this is a trend too. 

When all options are put on the table, quick sales like these might not be as bad as you think. Selling to an estate investort saves recommendation and agents, so in the end the price difference might not be as wide. However, since most people who want to sell their house quickly are desperate - as in, in an urgent need for money, going through a divorce, or moving soon - many black hat investors take advantage, with hidden fees and last minute price drops. There are many reported cases of these estate sale rip-offs, so those considering selling their property quick should stay warned. Only sell to trustworthy and certified investors.

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