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Why document shredding has become a must

People often take for granted how much paper we use for our daily affairs. From house bills to company files and portfolios, not only do we have plenty of paper in our lives, but many of them also have important information printed that we wouldn't like to see falling into the wrong hands. Think about it for a minute. Take any bill you have at your home, phone bill, electricity bill, whatever. You have your full name there, some bank information, and plenty of personal data. You even have your address printed in every envelope you receive. So imagine for a moment that someone who would like to make you victim of a fraud or extorsion gets those papers and reads that information. Are you truly aware of how much they could do with them? More than you think, and you would pay a high price for it.

And this is just personal affairs. Now imagine you run a business, with offices and all. You will have papers all over the place, with personal data of your personnel and your customers, big files with all your clients' data, accountancy on your business, bank information from a lot of people, and lots of internal records that could be sold to your competitors or any ill-intended third party. You wouldn't like that to happen, would you?

Even institutions like schools and government offices keep extensive records of personal information of their users. Would you feel comfortable to send your sons and daughters to a college who dumps their records in a bin where anyone can just pick them up and use those data however they wish? How about your doctor or accountant doing that with your own papers? You wouldn't feel safe at all. And if you are the one running the business, your clients wouldn't feel at ease either. And that's something you cannot lett happen, lest you'd like to see your customers drop off one by one.

Shredding is a well worth investment

Merely ripping papers with your hands will never be enough to protect information. Data thieves have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. They will patiently sit down and put back together pages and pages like a fun puzzle until they finally get what they want. So no, if you want your data to be safe, then you must shred all your documents and important papers. You need special machinery that will cut documents into very thin strips and sometimes even cross-cut them in different directions until it's virtually impossible to rebuild those pages.

Also, document shredding doesn't stop there. Shredding companies often offer to dispose of the paper residues by dropping them at the recycling plant, so they do something good for the environment while making sure the information there cannot be recovered.

As you can see, in order to dispose of your information safely you should hire professional services, and there are many companies that provide such services due to high demand. And you might think, is it really worth it? Paying someone to shred my papers? Going all the way to the shredding facilities where they have the machines, carrying with me God knows how many kilograms of paper, so they can destroy them? And paying for the whole thing?

Short answer is, data leak, fraud and scams are far too expensive for you as a person or a business, so it's always worth it the investment. And there is even one more thing you should consider before rejecting the idea of shredding your documents.

Mobile shredding

No, it's not an app. Mobile shredding is the solution to time consuming trips to the shredding plant while inconveniently carrying with you a dead weight of paper. Many companies offer to shred documents on site, by bringing the shredder to you. So you don't have to move from your offices to get your documents safely destroyed.

Shred First is one of the best known companies in this sector. They provide special bins where you can drop all papers you want shredded. They remain inside your office the whole time, so it's safe. Every time you call, they come with a special vehicle with a big shredder inside. They take the bins, turn on the shredder, destroy all documents and then carry away the paper residues straight to the recycling plant. So nothing of this process if your problem, you just let them do it. So there are no excuses not to shred your documents.

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