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Maintaining Data and Information Safety is a Serious Matter!

Data and information has grown into such a huge global commodity over the years and shall continue being so for virtually the rest of life. Such is its importance in today’s world that unbelievable sums of money are being invested into data and information security with many tech firms churning up a lot of those. Recognizing its extreme importance in our own personal daily lives is the first step towards realizing its safety. The seriousness in maintaining data and information cannot be emphasized enough seeing as cases of data theft have soared in the recent times ergo the enormous investment in security practices.

Paper media remains widely used as a means of relaying and storing information. Though popular, it is virtually the most vulnerable data medium available. This is so since it is very easy to steal or forge which results in inaccurate data or missing pieces of data and information which if sensitive may end up costing you losses or unimaginable damage. With the onset of the current digital age, it is safe to assume we will someday reach a potentially paperless world but until then, safety protocols for information on paper still have to be effected.

How Paper Shredding can Ensure Data and Information Protection!

A lot of companies have sprung up in order to tend to this very delicate and specific need. From their website at www.shredfirst.co.uk, it is evident that Shred First as a company is very serious about tending to this need. With a lot of experience in carrying out this task, they remain one of the most reputable firms tasked with paper shredding.

Their services are available in two forms mainly and they are:

Mobile Shredding


Shredding Pick-up Services

Mobile shredding service involves either one of two things happening:
-    The company, along with their equipment heading over to the interested party’s place of work/residence and handling the waste paper, or
-    The company collecting the paper waste and shredding the said waste at a location of your preference.
  The other option is fairly straightforward, common with other systems of waste collection i.e.  The company provides containers where the users dispose of all their paper waste up for shredding and having the containers collected either when filled up or as per a pre-determined timetable.

One can rest assured that whatever option they go for, the waste will be properly and professionally handled since some go into recycling farms or paper millers so as to achieve the truest sense of having the information you don’t want getting out truly lost! Confidental Paper Shredding at its best!

A look at types of documents needing this process

Having looked at the shredding process a little, here we go further on to highlight common documents that deserve special care and most common up for shredding:

I.    Monetary Documents

This particular category involves quite a number of documents. They include:

Documents pertaining to tax

These are especially private and should not be availed to unauthorized persons. Should they fall in the wrong hands, the details pertaining to you can be used to purport fraudulent dealings which could possibly land you a date in court for crimes committed unknown to you.

Bank statements

Documents pertaining to your bank account including yearly statements as well as your check book should go through the shredder if they are of no more use since they can reveal a lot of personal details on you.

Credit card and or debit cards

These when in the hands of malicious persons can result in identity theft where you can accrue expenses you haven’t made.

On Insurance

Another very revealing document that should be shredded after outliving its purpose.

II.    Warranties

Need to be done away with when their validity elapses so as to keep private information safe.

Reasons to shred waste paper

i.    It is a practice that is demanded by law in many cases. It is a practice encouraged so as to keep private information secure.

ii.    To cut down and eventually permanently put a stop to identity theft related cases.

iii.    Businesses are encouraged to do so, so as to keep secretive business content away from prying eyes and most important of all to secure the private information pertaining to their employees as well as consumers.

iv.    Doing away with papers that have outlived their use is a great step towards saving some much needed space as opposed to just letting them clutter around.

v.    The process is a fairly simple one to implement and goes a long way in maintain the security of your sensitive data and information.

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